Hello, I'm Robert Okula, a.k.a Robert von Oliva, a.k.a naruciakk. I live in and come from Danzig/Gdansk, the nicest city around the world.

I am interested in I.T. (above all programming), mathematics, physics, history, urbanism. I'm also a gedanophile, germanophile and japanophile. Well, economy is also in my style. I love watching anime, reading manga, good comics. Of course, I would never say no to a good book. I'm a Nintendofan, so I have many consoles made by this producer.

I can code. In many programming languages, like Java, C, C++, PHP, Javascript with jQuery, HTML, CSS and last but not least SQL. I'm able to make awesome (that's popular word in a society of programmers and geeks, isn't it?) programs, apps, webpages and webapps. I can also configure Linux distro. Debian used to be my little love, however now this title is reserved for Majestic Arch Linux. I'm registered Linux user #554133. (#nobody). Also, I speak English (CAE), Polish, German and a little bit Dutch and Swedish. A very little bit.

My, kind of addiction, is participaiting in contests, especially IT (above all algorithms), matemathics, physics and history ones. I love brain competition, that's the symphony of a human development. Hovewer, knowledge and thinking are nothing, if they are not expanded and developed, so primarly, my main, infinite target is to have my knowledge always greater and my brain prepared for new problems to solve.

Stuff I've created

This is, of course, just a tiny slice of my whole portfolio. This category will be developed.


stolarskie.net (project, code, maintenance of server and domain)
Marchia Alizon (part of project, code)


Podstawy analizy złożoności obliczeniowej czasowej i pamięciowej algorytmów (PL, for mathematical conference TriMAT 2015, presentation)
Psucie pieniądza – kiedyś i dziś. (PL, for 3rd edition of Akademia KoLibra contest)
Wady i zalety wyboru opodatkowania VAT w działalności gospodarczej osoby fizycznej. (PL, for 4th Pomeranian Tax Knowledge Contest)
Polityka władz Polski Ludowej wobec Kościołów chrześcijańskich w latach 1944–1989. (PL, for 40th Polish History Olympiad)

Contact and social media

If you want to contact me, send me an email to contact[there should be an "at" sign]naruciakk.com. Of course, if you send me something interesing or important, I will send you a reply. But unless, you know, blacklist is love, blacklist is life.

You can also find me on various social medias. Some of them are private, but not everyone. Find me at: Twitter, Miiverse, Flickr.